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Speed Date

- Published: 05 February 2017
Speed Date

By this point I was starting to think parent fix ups and the Gurdwara list wasn’t successful enough, so I convinced a friend to try out Asiand8’s Sikh speed dating event with me on Saturday 14th February (because I refused to spend Valentine’s Day feeling depressed about being single). FYI Asiand8 do this event yearly so if you’re single around Valentine’s Day, it’s worth trying. It beats sitting at home alone and I figured I may meet someone or, at the very least get some good stories out of it #blogmaterial.

What to Expect

For the first half hour or so, you are normally let into the bar for drinks. I like to have a drink at this stage to help calm the nerves (you’ll probably make a better first impression if you’re not paralysed with fear).


After this you’re let into the area/ room from in which the speed dating will take place and you’ll have to queue up for registration. I know what you’re thinking, sounds like a spontaneous and romantic way to meet someone #sarcasm.


However, the registration stage doesn’t take long. Essentially you give your name so you can be given a super cool name tag to wear which also has your gender and seat number merged together to give you a unique reference code. You’ll be handed a pen and paper containing a list of all the male/ female reference numbers with yes/ maybe check boxes next to each number.


Ordinarily, each girl is sat at a table for two with a guy. Each pair is given three minutes to talk and, if interested, check yes/ maybe next to that person. If you’re not interested simply leave the box blank.


Please note: the guy sat at your table won’t necessarily have the same reference code as the one at the top of your list; it’s not possible for the team to sort out seating this way if they provide everyone with the same checklist. For this reason, you need to ensure you’ve checked the guy’s reference code and start from that point on the list as the reference will go up/ down from that point on the list. You may forget to check. If so you can check the number of the next two guys. For instance, if you like a guy you sat with for 3 minutes but couldn’t discreetly check out and note down his number…fear not! Everything is not lost forever J. Simply check out the number of the next guy and the guy that approaches you after him e.g. if the next two guys have a reference code of m11 and m12, most likely the first guy’s reference number is m10.


What to Wear

I’ve found this one a bit tricky in the past because I worry that:

  • I’ll seem overdressed/ over the top
  • I won’t seem dressed up enough and will therefore be overlooked compared to the other, more polished looking girls


The solution; dress up. My sister’s friend once said ‘why dress down for people, they should be dressing up for you’. It’s a valid point – you should aim to come across as your best, confident self and as they say #clothesmaketheman. It helps you feel the part. Also, the dress code is smart/ casual so people do tend to dress to impress.



Remember Mr Paranoid from my last blog? As mentioned, he also attended the Sikh speed dating event so I had to endure a further three minutes of conversation with him. That feeling of #joy.

The three minutes consisted more of raised voices and disputed points rather than exchanged pleasantries, so much so that both of us became conscious heads would turn and that we would not come across in the best light. Thus, we stopped – neither one of us spoke to the other throughout the entire night.



I ran into a guy I went on a few dates with. Despite us not feeling a spark/ chemistry, we agreed to remain friends, so much so that we began to enjoy the occasional cinema trip together (so I shall call him Mr Cinema). It was nice to have more company at the event.


Also, as mentioned I went with a friend (let’s call her Honey as she has quite a sweet, sensitive nature). Honey has been hung up on a guy for the last five years at this point. To the outsider, it was clear she should cut him off as he seemed to rely on her for support when needed but wasn’t committing to her or trying in return. However, Honey still felt bad not being there in his time of need.


When I asked her if she’d like to go to the event with me and she said yes, I thought this could be a great opportunity for her to really understand there are more guys out there for her and for her to realise that if she believes she deserves a better guy, it’ll happen.


Overall though, Honey didn’t enjoy the event much as she felt it was generally filled with older guys and she therefore hardly checked yes for anyone. That was a shame and not necessarily a highlight, but I’m hoping the event did at least help Honey realise that there are more Sikh guys out there than we think.  


Match Results


The below shows you how the matching is worked out:



Asiand8 email the match results after the event. This can take several days. If you’re lucky, you may get your results the next day! It’s rare for the results to arrive that quickly though as connecting the matches take time, but it has happened to me.


Did we match with anyone? #watchthisspace


Until next time folks…





Thank you for sharing :) Love your stories