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- Published: 06 November 2016

It was going pretty well with Mr Dudley. He’d message me a lot and generally ring me once a day. Even though he wasn’t my usual type as such, I liked him a lot.


In fact, on our third date, when I received a message from another guy my parents were told about (let’s call him ‘Mr Driver’ since his family owned a driving school) I told that guy that I’m currently seeing someone so I cannot talk to him right now. This would turn out to be the first of quite a few guy overlaps, but we will get to that with time…I was actually told about Mr Driver over a month before he finally messaged me. #toolittletoolate #yousnoozeyoulose


Fourth Date with Mr Dudley

The next day Mr Dudley and I went to Harvester for unlimited breakfast. Yes, I could now eat as much as I wanted in front of him without feeling self-conscious (#winning). After this we went to a local pool place where Mr Dudley helped guide me on the best aim/ shot to take. I felt like there was a little chemistry there as he did (e.g. he lowered his hand ever so slightly to the lowest section of my back etc.)


Unusual Vibes…

After a while Mr Dudley started to hurry the date and when I leaned in for a kiss (as that’s how we usually end the date) he didn’t seem very responsive or enthused. I shrugged this off for the time being as I figured it was all in my head; plus I still received a few messages from Mr Dudley later that day. However I heard nothing for the majority of the next day until the text (in the blog pic) arrived:


I never replied and I never heard from him again. #thebreakuptext :(



Did I have questions going through my mind? Being the ‘over thinker’ I am of course I did...I wondered if it was because he was younger and got cold feet (since both our parents were asking how things were going on a regular basis which probably didn’t help). I wondered if it was because I was too keen since I liked him more and more with each date. Maybe I was also being too forward initiating the kiss on our fourth date. I did mention my ex a few times when we talked about past relationships which probably didn’t help; especially since I still speak highly of him…maybe I seemed hung up on him…Maybe it was too soon to eat like a big in front of him…#notwinning. These are questions I will never get an answer to…but in hindsight, that’s okay. I’ll just work on reading the signs better next time #ontothenextone #allgoodthingscometoanend





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