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About Us

I know what you are thinking, why is the website called Roommate Diaries?

The reason why we named it Roommate Diaries is because in this close community, we are all roomies living under this community roof :) We are all going through life and various situations together or situations that one can relate to. Because this is our community, where we are able to share and connect, it is our personal diary in the community.

Roommate Diaries is a friendly community where you have the ability to vent, discuss, suggest, ask or simply share some of your most inner intimate thoughts to your fellow roomies about different topics such as, Roommates, Relationships, Sexships, Life and the list can go on and on!

And guess what?

You also have the opportunity to make your own communities about topics that YOU want to talk about which can either be private or public.

Oh GOSH, there is more :)

You have the opportunity to send us questions and stories that you want us to share, which would be under the topic "Question of the day or Story of the day". As Roomies, if you want your questions or stories featured, you can simply submit your question or story by clicking "Contact Us" so that they get answered or acknowledge.

What is taking you so long? I think it time for you to officially become a Roomie!


Welcome to Roommate Diaries