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Do you really think you know what true love feels like?

admin admin 29 July 2015

I usually make friends with guys more than I make friends with females, but my only problem is, everytime I get really close with a guy on a friend level, th...

Talesofyour20s Talesofyour20s 28 July 2015

I think I caught my boyfriend cheating on me on a website called plenty of fish. When I confronted him about it, he said that he was on there looking for gir...

thework thework 26 July 2015

How open are you to dating on social media?

admin admin 26 July 2015

Going out in a big group is fun but could keep you all singing "Single Ladies" longer than you hoped. What do you guys think?

Talesofyour20s Talesofyour20s 25 July 2015

Roomies, read This, do you think your ready for a relationship? I do not know if I am lol

Talesofyour20s Talesofyour20s 25 July 2015

What is the most embarrassing first date you have had?

admin admin 22 July 2015

I went on tinder because I wanted to get over my last boyfriend, and I just thought if I started dating, it would distract me from thinking about him. So, I ...

StoryGirl StoryGirl 22 July 2015

I met this guy 6 month ago, and he already wants to take me on vacation out of the country. I dont know what to do, I dont know if I think it is to soon or&n...

thework thework 20 July 2015

I don't know if this is true or not, do you guys believe that things happen for a reason, so the person you thought was your "Dream" person if ...

Talesofyour20s Talesofyour20s 18 July 2015

You're defining and redefining your core values Are you in a long distance relationship? Found an article that can help you strengthen your relationship ...

Talesofyour20s Talesofyour20s 17 July 2015

Have you ever dating multiple people at a time, and accidentally text the wrong person? What happen, how did you recover?  Let me know Roomies...

admin admin 16 July 2015
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