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Welcome Back! Thanks for all the support on the first video, it means a lot. I'm working on getting material together and planning some challenges with other...

hayley hayley 01 November 2016

Inspiration. What do we know about it? I know for sure that we all need it time to time.  It might be super different for ...

EffyBlack EffyBlack 27 October 2016

With dating, should I play hard to get?

roomietales roomietales 13 October 2016

Tomorrow I go on a journey....a blind date journey. To say that I'm nervous would be an understatement. On the level of 1 to Britney Spears melt down,I'm at a 9...

hayley hayley 05 October 2016

What should you do if you are trying to run away from your boyfriend? Escape to new city. Start fresh. Searching for a person who would really appr...

EffyBlack EffyBlack 27 September 2016

This weeks post is from a reader! She was willing to share a little peak into her personal life.

hayley hayley 26 September 2016

First was asian tiny guy after was not standing dude…I needed a break. And since I’ve moved to the new area I needed to find new friends. And I ...

EffyBlack EffyBlack 08 September 2016

As mentioned things were blossoming with Mr Dudley - plus his accent didn’t hurt; I find the Brummie accent quite hot.   The N...

TaraBains TaraBains 04 September 2016

I don’t know when I will learn to listen to my inner “oh, girl! Don’t go on a date with him he is far from your type” also known as my vagina…...

hayley hayley 02 September 2016

Once you go black - you will never come back.  That’s what they say.  Can’t say the same thing about my first black...

EffyBlack EffyBlack 30 August 2016

Lately I’ve noticed a trend that has been going on that consist of men wanting all the benefits of being in a relationship but do not want to invest in an act...

hayley hayley 24 August 2016
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