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Saturday night did not go as I plan. I guess all I can do is sit in my thoughts and masturbate :) 

gfoodie gfoodie 19 June 2016

Why is it so FUCKING hard for some people just to tell the truth??? Realy, I can't even get honesty from you? your worthlesssss

roomietales roomietales 16 June 2016

"I still can't walk, but as long as I have a smile on my face, I'll be OK." This is the saddest thing I have felt in a very long time. I am praying for the v...

loverland loverland 14 June 2016

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I hope my future husband as this type of reaction when I am walking down the isle :) "I was trying to be the ...

Talesofyour20s Talesofyour20s 11 June 2016

What is the grossest thing you have done for love?

admin admin 11 June 2016

It is very unfair to want someone to LOVE you when you don't even know how to LOVE yourself. The key is to LOVE yourself first and the LOVE you get from ...

liteworker liteworker 06 June 2016

Do you ever have that thought like " What the fuck am I doing with my life"? lol   I am right now!!! :( 

Fishynews Fishynews 05 June 2016

Or: Your place? Or Mine? Years ago, when I was an unhappily married woman, my mother mother asked me to visualize what I wanted. I took a minute to...

TheNightlyStand TheNightlyStand 03 June 2016

Like having sex, not having sex can make you feel so many things. #RELATABLE lol

roomietales roomietales 02 June 2016

    There seems to be a sharp divide in thought when it comes to mental illness.     On one side, there are the skeptics. For them, “mental illness” see...

burcak burcak 01 June 2016

​You're never gonna like Hairy Pete and he's never gonna not like Hairy Pete.​

StoryGirl StoryGirl 31 May 2016
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