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Have you ever slept with someone your friend liked? If so, did you tell them or did you kept it secret

newgirl newgirl 18 April 2016

  Okay, so I know this has been talked about on many different platforms; I’ve read Buzzfeed a...

dnapss dnapss 14 April 2016

Judas. His name alone should’ve been reason enough for anyone not to speak to him, but I like trouble and trouble likes me.. We saw...

facedownfessup facedownfessup 13 April 2016

To date, or not to date, that is the nightmare. 28 and single in a world full of love struck 20 something year old’s causes for rash decisions on the lates...

hayley hayley 11 April 2016

My world has been kind of crazy these last couples day so it feels really good just to sit and type on my computer. Can you say venting time. Lol Although I ...

StoryGirl StoryGirl 07 April 2016

How do you feel about dancing with other people at the club while you are in a relationship? Is that considered cheating?   Wanna he...

newgirl newgirl 04 April 2016

{THE AND} Blind Date | Olympia & Caleb, 2 strangers on a Blind Date, attempt to make a good first impression, but find that there may be more than just a cul...

newgirl newgirl 01 April 2016

"Your love is not really love until you waste it, a kiss is never a kiss until you taste it…"

thework thework 01 April 2016

It’s a jungle out there…. The online dating world. Tinder,, Bumble, the list goes on and on. I’ve had a run on about every dating site/app out t...

ChasingPeter ChasingPeter 31 March 2016

What do you think? Would you tell him or just go with the flow? ​How do I bring it up?​​

StoryGirl StoryGirl 31 March 2016

I do this all the time, I think I do it because I feel so comfortable with him and I know nothing going to come out of it!   #guilty...

Fishynews Fishynews 31 March 2016
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